• Catalina Vintila, SIEMENS Romania

“We would like to thank the City Compass team  for making this such a successful and wonderful event.  The entire group has been talking about how much fun it was by the cooking class.

People really enjoyed doing something they’d never done before, and getting to know those on their team better. The facilitators were great, and so fun to work with.

Thank you very much for helping us create an active atmosphere! I look forward to working with you on our next events.”


  • Marion Ziemann, April 2015

“Thank you so much for perfectly organising our trips based on our needs during our stay. Everything worked just fine, the buses were in very good conditions and both of the drivers were very friendly. We enjoyed our visit very much. Bucharest is definitely worth another visit. Although we were on the road from early in the morning until late in the evening, we still haven’t had the chance to see everything. See you next time!”


  • Martine De Vuyst, Belgium, December 2014

“We had a very nice tour with Bogdan Popa in the snowy Bucharest. The town was really wonderful! Our guide was fantastic and the tour was very interesting. He could explain the history of Romania and he had so much knowledge about art, history and geography that we would have liked to hear more and more. We were also happy that he could manage a visit inside the Athenaeum which was also very interesting.
We had an unforgettable guided tour. We will recommend City Compass to all our friends who will visit Bucharest.”


  • Cristiana Lupu, Eastern Europe & CIS Senior Regional Manager, Oracle Romania

“CityCompass, thank you for the experience!

Team motivation should be the top priority for any leader in today’s business. The people you work with are the trigger for the company’s success. Having understood this, our Oracle team reached out to City Compass – THE supplier to have for flawlessly planned events with a fun, yet productive outcome. Oana – the Planner and Bogdan – the All-knowing Guide have taken us through a wonderful experience, starting with a treasure hunt and continuing with a well deserved blind wine tasting and a wonderful dinner. The experience was rewarding for all the participants and particularly revealing for the managers who got to observe the team in an unfamiliar context, with very interesting conclusions. Since the event was designed to accommodate expats, this was a unique experience that gave them the chance to experience Romania together with their Romanian colleagues, in a great atmosphere.”

CC T&E Oracle team building



  • Dr. Johannes Burghold, Managing Partner Transearch Romania

“Thanks to City Compass Tours & Events for professional tour and event services and this perfectly organized week-end for the international members of our board group meeting. Recommended.”

  • Iulia Lascau, Managing Partner Euroglobal
“Great event organised by CityCompass: BKR EMEA Regional Meeting, Bucharest May 2013! Excellent Gala Dinner at Palatul Bragadiru and very nice tour in Brasov and Bran Castle! Extraordinary commitment and professional approach. BIG THANK YOU from Euroglobal Audit& Advisory!”
  • Josephine G, volunteer in Bucharest

“For me as a volunteer in a new city without knowing the Romanian language the website citycompass.ro really helped me to get used to living in Bucharest. I found a lot of interesting and practical information here and there are also some quite unusual insider information you can get here. Additionally it is really nice that the citycompass.ro team speaks a good English the contact with them was friendly, easy and they replied really fast to my questions. Soon I really would like to try one of their tours.
Thanks a lot City Compass!”

  • Raluca Cacicovschi, HR Manager SEE, Reckitt Benckiser

“We are very pleased with the professional intercultural training services of City Compass and its partners, delivered to us in November 2013. The team of intercultural specialists helped Reckitt Benckiser Romania very professionally and efficiently to deliver a customized intercultural training to foreign employees of the group, meant to adapt to and understand Romania and its business habits more quickly. Due to the positive feedback of our participants and to the professional approach I can highly recommend their intercultural training and consulting services.”

“There’s a lot of really useful information to help you through the culture shock period, and a great deal of practical advice on how to interact with local commercial and government entities.
For vacationers and casual readers, there’s also extensive restaurant and cultural attraction lists, a sector by sector market guide, and an excellent guide to the workings of Bucharest’s mass transit system.
The most practical guide I’ve run across.”

  • Amanda, Bucharest

Thanks 4 existing!

Congrats for a job well done and for expanding with every issue!
Came to Bucharest 7 months ago – I found your guide after a month and HAVE TO SAY it helped a lot.
I went mad looking for things in Bucharest. But your guide has ALL the important info a tourist/ expat/ foreigner should need and once they hook up to your website – GREAT HELP.
Found all I needed in the book, very interesting and helpful. It’s a good friend to have in a City like this.
Well presented, easy to use. I found my Dentist, Health clinic, found a GREAT bakery – bike store and used a few bike paths.
All in all – Great job people, I’ll keep reading ya!

Best wishes.”

  • Marco Wenzl, member of Lions Club Millenium Bucharest

I’ve booked an individual city trip (minibus and footwalk) including all the highlights for our friends from Germany. A very polite contact from the start and an excellent tourguide (Bogdan) made this tour an unforgettable event. Our guests were absolutely satisfied!

  • Linda McLachlan

[We] loved the tour with Radu last month – it was excellent – not only is his knowledge encyclopaedic, but his ability to talk while driving safely was really remarkable! It was a great day and [my visitors] were able to get a real sense of the city and its different layers.

  • Iulia Lascau, Managing Partner- Romanian Office, Euroglobal Audit, June 2011

Dear City Compass Team,

I would like to thank you truly for your tour of yesterday. We enjoyed a lot our trip with the theme “Discover” Discover ourselves and discover Dracula.
My happy and brave team climbed the 1485 steps to reach the fortress courageosly!
Thank you, Bogdan! This tour was worth it!

  • Diana Nitu, HR Project Manager, Rompetrol S.A., customized business delegation tour, October 2010
    Thank you very much, your guy is fantastic. My colleagues enjoyed it a lot.
  • Lamine Merad, Newcomer, Discover Little Paris Tour August 2010

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the tour!
It was a real pleasure, he gave me another vision of Bucuresti: thanks to the guide I start to have some feelings for this city.

  • Theresa Krajewski, a participant of the first Dracula Week-end trip in May 2010, describes our new tour in details. Click HERE  to find out more about her impressions!
  • Catalina Pieptea, The American International School of Bucharest

Thanks so much for your newsletter. I have received it and also received a big thank you from my colleagues for forwarding it to them.  They use the information in it, especially the ones who were in Bucharest over the Easter Break. It is a wonderful information tool!
Thank you!

  • Andreia Lewis, Bucharest Homes

Thank you for the great job you did and are doing with Citycompass. I consider it a great tool for expats integration and not only.
My husband’ s feedback is very postive as well. He is an expat too,  studied it carefully and thought its very well done.

  • Simon Wagner, Prospectiuni SA, Business Workshop, 20 May 2009

An excellent introduction for new visitors to Romania.  I was made to feel very welcome and it is clear these guys know what they are talking about – Recommended!

  • Andreas Heyde, General Manager of Webasto Romania Trading SRL
    Business Workshop, 20 May 2009

Congratulations to the team of City Compass on this new workshop offer – I have been working in Romania for 2 years now and found the presentations and discussions very helpful for a better understanding of business culture and psychology of the Romanians. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to get things done more efficiently in Romanian business and every day life. Especially valuable to people from very different cultures like Germanic or Anglo-Saxon!

  • Christian Thompson, City Tour, August 2008

I had the good fortune to be invited to an early Bucharest city tour by a friend.  Even though I had already lived in Bucharest for a year and a half, I learned not only interesting trivia, but also a lot of useful information for daily living.  Thanks!

Michael Neuhaeuser, City Tour, 16 February 2009

It was for me a very interesting and professional organized tour. Maybe you can “develop” also on top similar tours to other areas of Bucharest as this will help a lot if you are new in the city. The tour today was really great and I will recommend it to my team.

Detlev Theil, City Tour, 16 February 2009

A very interesting, and more important very enjoyable tour, professional organized, and in a very relaxed atmosphere. It was a lot to learn about Bucharest. I enjoyed it a lot and will recommend it.
Thank you very much.

Carina Bernal, City Tour, 7 March 2009

It was a wonderful experience. The tour was very informative. Tour guide very knowledgeable and fun to talk to. The staff does a great job organizing the tour and I look forward to more gatherings.
It was nice to meet people. I highly recommend  the tour because it gives you a better understanding on the city and history.

Brian Johnson, City Tour, 7 March 2009

Great insight into some of the historical sight of Bucharest. Bogdan did a great job in explaining the background and history. Would have loved something like this a year ago when we moved here.

  • Thomas Bijl, City Tour, 4 April 2009

Thanks for this great tour. The weather was on our side and we  had a great walk in the centre passing some of the landmarks of Bucharest. This is a good starting point for further explore the city. Nice guide, who speaks really good  English, and told is his objective story.”
I will recommend you to all visiting Bucharest, both expats and tourists.
For the duchies: deze tour zeker doen, een echte canrader!

David Spencer, City Tour, 4 April 2009

As with many cities, Bucharest is best seen on foot, and a guided tour is the best way to get to learn about anywhere you visit….you can’t beat local knowledge! The tour covers the main highlights of the city and was historically biased. The more trivia I learnt, the better. We were fortunate to have great weather and it made for a perfect day.

  • Melissa Treby , City Tour, 4 April 2009

The City Compass walking tour of Bucharest comes highly recommended . It was a lovely way to combine a pleasant walk with an informative touristic experience. The guide was knowledgeable and  well spoken and very happy to answer any questions we had. It was great to see and learn about important and beautiful parts of Bucharest.”

  • Scott and Laurel Rodman, City Tour, 16 May 2009

This was the perfect tour to complement our unit on Bucharest at the American School. Relaxed, interesting, fun !

  • JJ- 4th grade AISB, City Tour, 16 May 2009

It was great !