Branding Bucharest for foreign tourists

Bucharest will have a tourism brand in the near future and will be promoted abroad with the nightlife in the Old Town, the city’s green area, the Parliament House and the museums, said Calin Ile, vice-president of the Association for the promotion and development of tourism in Bucharest, quoted by Mediafax. The association was established in July last year.

“We can promote the cultural life, the Enescu Festival, the architecture and history of the city or Bucharest’s surroundings,” said Ile.

He added: “We need to change certain stereotypes the foreigners still have about Bucharest, that it’s an unsafe city, with stray dogs, with nothing to do around or where you will get robbed everywhere. Our role will be extremely important, to show that we are a city like others in Europe, where bad and good things happen, but where is worth coming, because it’s pleasant.”

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