Bucharest is on the map of a new hot yoga concept

Bucharest is the second European city on the hot map of a new yoga concept, after its official launch in Romania this Friday, February 6, 2015. This accessible method became famous in London and then in other cities in the UK and attracted fans like Vogue, the Daily Mail and Men’s Health.

The two founders of the concept – Max Henderson – former business consultant and Nick Higgins, yoga instructor, were looking for an easily approachable exercise, intense and relaxing at the same time, with all the benefits of hot yoga without mystical connotations. They came up with Hotpod Yoga, an accessible version of hot yoga vinyasa, performed in a heated inflatable studio that can accommodate up to 20 people. The comfortable heat and exercise work together so that, during a session, an average of 700 calories is lost, making it a good choice for those who want to lose weight, to tone and detoxify.

“The classes already started in January and over 200 Bucharesters tried method. Our vision is to open our clients to a lifestyle oriented toward health, exercise, calm and inner balance.” said Anca and Mirela, two of the team members.

The studio is located at the heart of Bucharest, in a building full of charm and history – the “Universul” building on Ion Brezoianu Street, at the top floor, in a loft overlooking the city. Weekly, here are held over 15 sessions per week, the price of a session starting at RON 35 per session (for subscriptions).

The franchise was launched in Bucharest by a team of three young entrepreneurs, linked by a friendship of over 15 years and their love for yoga. Anca Strugariu, Mirela Mardare and Alexa Boeriu come from the business area and, in addition to their enthusiasm for yoga, share experience in both marketing and PR, as well as in finance and strategic consultancy, in London and in Bucharest.