The starting point is very simple: Many expats have partners and naturally they want to relocate together with them. Now three questions come up: What do you do as an expat’s partner? read more

We offer in integrated training concept combining Romania-specific intercultural business and cultural insights with an emphasis on facilitating the interactions and operations of your employees. read more

By MIhaela Iordache, guest writer

Inteligence is not fixed, so it is the obvious conclusion that you can change age as you learn for example. Knowing how you learn gives huge insight and implications for people of any age. read more

By Ximena Reyes

The train has come to a final station and whether you enjoyed the trip or not, it is time to leave.

Moving to a new country or perhaps relocating back home is stressful. read more

By Aideen O’Brien, guest writer, writes about her life in Romania.

I write to you from Bucharest, Romania. I came here with my husband and 3 daughters in May 2013. I came with no expectations, no pre-conceived notions....or so I thought. read more

For the fifth year, Expat Women in Romania, are doing a Photo Charity Project, this year under the name  "Romania in Focus - Through the Lenses of Expat Women! read more

Spring is here and for many the time has come to prepare to leave.

A new chapter will come after the summer break but, until then, there’s still precious days to enjoy Romania. read more

By Ximena Reyes

International Assignees, multinational managers, people working with remote teams are being put to the test on a daily basis. read more

By Ximena Reyes

Globalization is a huge wave that has shaped the world's economy for the last 15 years. It established a new ground for companies and changed the game rules. read more

By Ximena Reyes

Diversity and complexity, more and more the business scenarios are expanding internationally, combining more operations, outsourcing teams and bringing together people from different parts of the world. read more

International companies having operations around the world are investing a great amount of resources into shaping their teams and getting the right talent.

So how to speed up the process of adaptation and facilitate things for the newcomers? read more

By Ximena Reyes

International assignees are expected to perform upon arrival to bring their skills and expertise from the first day, to contribute with their added value to the company. read more

By Ximena Reyes

For over the last 20 years, research has shown that a key factor for international assignment’s failure is generated by spouse’s dissatisfaction. read more

By Ximena Reyes

In some countries there is a clear and rigid separation of personal and professional, these two areas are not supposed to be blurred since it would imply that someone is unable to be objective and rational when having to make read more

by Ximena Reyes

When doing business the first wrong assumption is that it is all about money, it is but how you become a trusted partner or provider requires of Intercultural awareness in order to understand the mindset of your counterpart. read more

With increasing Global mobility and companies opening new markets it is very likely that international assignees bring along an accompanying partner (A.P. read more

As expats we tend to understate grief. Maybe because there is so much to get done that you feel that there is no time for sadness, maybe because you need to show yourself strong in front of the children or your spouse, maybe because you have such a read more

by Ximena Reyes

It is an exciting journey to live in a different place than your original home and see different ways of doing things, but although it may sound exiting for many, it may turn in to an extended negative state of mind for some. read more

by Ximena Reyes, Partner & Intercultural Manager

Feeling at Home happens when you feel comfortable, when you have the tools to lead your team at work, when you have insightful information about how and why things work on a certain way. read more

by Ximena Reyes, Partner & Intercultural Manager

Proverbs are known for being a concrete saying, popularly known, that expresses a truth for the local ways. read more

Language is vital when communicating but it is just one of layers of culture an values.

Each language has in its DNA the core values and expectations of a society. read more

Cultural Introduction Courses tailored to your specific needs, giving you a glimpse of Romanian history, culture, literature and even more, provided by our cultural historical expert Dr. Bogdan Popa. read more

City Compass: Your Personal Assistance Angel and City-Guide
We understand that people often need personalized assistance in order to get the most out of their stay in Bucharest. This is why we offer one-on-one service. read more

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