Dealu Mare – Romania´s top wine region

The wine region Dealu Mare (“Big hill”) is one of the most famous and oldest wine-growing districts in Romania and said to be the “Tuscany” of Romania. Indeed it is situated on the same latitude as Northern Italy, but tourism is still at the very beginning. Dealu Mare has an extension of about 90 km between Valea Calugareasca (near Ploiesti) and Merei/Vernesti (near Buzau), covering the two counties Buzau and Prahova. Dealu Mare offers more than 3.000 years of history, a Mediterranean climate from April to October and excellent wines from sunny southward hills.

Traditional wineries as well as new built wineries with (mostly) foreign investment started to develop several tourism offers (winery visits, wine tasting, accommodation in the vineyards).

Further information about Dealu Mare:

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City Compass tour offer for the Dealu Mare wine region:

Muddy Volcanoes & Dealu Mare wine tasting tour (1 Day)

Wine tasting tour Romania (3-5 days)

Dealu Mare wine brunch (offer for larger tourist groups &  corporate events)

VIP Tour: Bucharest & wine trip

Premium wineries in the Dealu Mare area:

Crama SERVE, Crama LacertA, Domeniile Sahateni, Crama Basilescu, Crama Rotenberg, Crama Davino, Crama Vitis Metamorfosis, Vinarte, Crama Budureasca.
You want to buy wine from Dealu Mare? Please check also our overview of wine shops in Bucharest.

Places to visit:

Bellu Mansion, Stone church and archaeological sites of Naeni, sculpture camp made by children, archaeological sites of Pietroasele, salt water pools of Sarata Monteoru


Please contact us if you plan a trip/ tour to the Dealu Mare region and you need more information about accommodation options, wine tasting or sightseeing.