Getting Things Done in Romania: Business Coaching


Available as 1-to-1 coaching, or for groups of up to 13 people  

 Duration: 8 hours

Language: English

With this workshop we prepare you for your professional tasks while doing business in Romania. We want to ensure that you get an idea about Romanian business culture and that you are able to handle difficult situations with Romanian colleagues and partners. This workshop is customized to your special needs and carried out by trainers with broad intercultural business experience.

business workshop
Key insights:

  • Understanding the import of relationship-focused behaviour vs. deal-focused behaviour
  • Da vs. Nu: The real meaning of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in Romania
  • Negotiation: Understanding the impact of Romanian culture on negotiation
  • Romanian Business Etiquette: How to avoid the most common mistakes
  • Non-verbal Communication: Learn to recognize subtle gestures, their meaning and impact
  • Presentations: Adapting your skills to your local audience
  • Leadership: Learn what keeps Romanian employees engaged
  • Salary Negotiation: Practical and legal aspects
  • Romanian Educational System: An overview


To request more information about this workshop please contact [email protected] .