Our readers have been asking for this product: a hassle – free review, with fresh and essential business and politics news, a balanced report as reflected by the Romanian media.

They’ve asked, we’ve listened: Every morning, the team of senior business journalists at Romania-Insider.com read the Romanian news for you, and send over the day’s essentials in English, in brief: clear texts, no links to click, no advertising.

daily press review - albDuring our testing period, the new Daily Press Review was a hit among business people, including expat CEOs, foreign managers and communication teams of multinational companiesme.

What our readers say about the press review:

I like your Press Reviews. They are succinct and well-presented. I see a number of other English language digests of country-specific news and your service is certainly one of the best.”

„The Daily Press review is a good information tool particularly for companies dealing with international customers. It is well conceived, selection is good, contents are presented in a concise and clear manner.”

“I very much like your balanced summaries in English, which are quick and easy and, I should think, invaluable to your target audience.”

“It is very interesting and useful.”

“I find it very useful”

“I also join the opinion of your clients saying that I find the daily review useful.”


We’re now making available the Press Review on a wider scale! We currently provide a Daily Press Review, and a Weekly Press Review.

To get the review yourself, e-mail [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is this Press Review different from the digest I receive from my agency?
Agencies deliver daily reports on specific keywords of your choice – like your industry, or your company name, or your competitors’ names. We don’t do that. We deliver a balanced overview of business and politics of the day in Romania, as reflected in the country’s main media outlets. This will keep you up to speed with what happens around you, as if you skimmed through the local media yourself.

How is this Press Review different from the daily newsletter I anyway get from Romania-Insider.com?
In our daily newsletter we select some of the many articles we publish on our website Romania-Insider.com. These may be some business and politics news, our exclusive features and interviews, comment pieces, reviews. We’re basically curating and delivering our content in a format that makes it easier for you to discover it. The press review however will give you the complete view of business and politics, in a very easy to follow format which does not require you to read anything else on our website. It’s advertising – free and suitable for busy and informed people like yourself.

Does this mean you will not send this daily newsletter anymore and ask us to sign up for the review?
No, we will still send the daily newsletter, which will always be free. You can also keep the newsletter, and sign up for the Press Review to have a complete daily information kit on Romania.

I am still not convinced. A lot of bla, bla, but how is this press review actually? Can I try before making up my mind?
Yes, we too like to try out things before signing up for them. The Daily Press Review is sent by e-mail to our corporate subscribers every morning; we also have an online version, password protected, as well as mobile and tablet friendly. The Weekly one is sent every Friday. There’s a two-week trial run for this new press review, to see if you find it useful. If you’re not convinced after two weeks, we won’t bug you with it anymore.

Can I sign up for the Press Review as an individual?
We’re first rolling out our corporate subscriptions. This means that you, as an individual, can sign up via your company. We will be introducing the feature for individual readers soon. But if you want the review an an individual readers, do let us know at [email protected], we will find a solution.

Can I brand this review with my company’s logo?
Ok, maybe you haven’t asked yourself this 🙂 But some companies have asked us for this, so yes, it is possible to brand the review with your company’s logo too, both via e-mail and online. You can offer it as a gift to your regional management, your staff, your clients, or your guests (for hotels).

Have another idea? Ask us, we usually make things happen, however crazy they may sound!

Contact: [email protected]