The Night of the Houses, a night tour of Bucharest alternative houses and apartments, takes place October 15th. Those who embark on the tour will get to meet the entrepreneurs, creative, artists, craftsmen, journalists or activists who have turned the houses they work in into miniature social-cultural centers.

The event aims to explore the projects that emerged from the communities created around the alternative spaces in Bucharest, how they impacted the city, how have the spaces and their mission changed and where will the next generation take them.

Some of the spaces included in the tour are: AICI, Avanpost8, Carol 53, Casa Jurnalistului, Casa Lupu, Cetatea Artelor, Colivia, Home Mătăsari, Manasia Hub, Modulab, and Insula 42.

Locations participating at the event are being update here. The tour starts at 18:00.

Photo: AICI Facebook page