Akua Naru in concert
March 27, 2014

Akua Naru and her band Digflo will arrive in Bucharest on March 28 for an upbeat show, a mix of synchronous sound and poetry through soul and hip-hop beats.

The concert will take place at Atelierul de Productie in Bucharest. Romanian artists such as: DJ Sauce, UFE and Tru L will also perform.

Accompanied by her DIGFLO band, an ensemble of six musicians including drums, keyboards, sax / flute, bass, guitar and turntable, Akua Naru gained reputation due to her native talent to captivate the audience, engaging and inspiring, thus dispelling myths about the image of women in hip-hop.

The concert will begin at 22:00. Tickets can be purchased at the door in the evening of the event, and cost RON 30.