The Armenian community in Romania is preparing for the yearly Strada Armeneasca (The Armeneasca Street) Festival, set to take place between August 7th and 9th in the yard of the Armenian Church, which also accommodates the headquarters of the Union of Armenians in Romania.

The Strada Armeneasca festival, this year at its third edition, aims at promoting the Armenian culture and traditions with music concerts, dance performances, creative workshops and other recreational events. Participants at the festival will get the opportunity to sample Armenian food and taste the traditional coffee on-sand. A bazaar will be open to those looking to purchase traditional jewelry, ceramics, fabrics, icons, books and other hand-made objects. At the same time, two photo exhibitions have been included in the festival: Postcrossing, a display of postcards received from all over the world, and Discover Armenia, a variously-themed photo exhibition including images from Armenia and its diaspora.

Invited minorities at the event are: the Hellenic Union, the Federation of the Jewish Communities and Pro Europa Roma Party.

Access to the event is free. You can check further details on the program here.

Photo source: Strada Armeneasca Facebook page