The Black Sea Arts festival will take place from May 19th to May 25th in several Bucharest locations. The event showcases films, art installations, photo exhibitions and architecture projects from several countries in the region: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, and Moldavia.

Several photo exhibitions will be open at Arcub Gabroveni. The exhibition New Normal, by Can Dagarslani (Turkey) and Lena Pogrebnaya (Ukraine), outlines the relation between the human being and urbanism in two different corners of the Black Sea. Around the Black Sea. People and Rituals, by Patricia Iftene and Vlad Bâscă, showcases symbolic gestures and representations of collective living, speaking of an identity built in the same space. The Vagrants of the Black Sea (Denis Strashnyi, Vlad Demchenko, Ulyana Osovska, Patricia Iftene, Misha Maltsev, Eugenia Gritscu) is a visual story of a trip undertaken without financial resources by several young people along the Black Sea, in Romania, Ukraine, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia.

Another photo exhibition will be open on a venue at 2 Ioan Zalomit St. It is called El Camino de Balkan and presents images taken by Hungarian investigative journalist Gyorgy Kakuk as he joined the refugees in 2015, illegally crossing some of the most important crisis areas, from Lebanon and Iraq to Turkey and the Greek Islands.

A political cartoon exhibition will go on display at the Czech Center. Titled Russia Today, it presents the works of Russian artist Alesha Stupin, known for his patriotic works celebrating evil over good.

Architecture exhibition Baba Yoga/ Kids Corner will be set up in Cismigiu. Consisting of three small houses, it will host animation screenings from several countries.

At the same time, several film screenings will take place at Cinemateca Eforie and Cinemateca Union, with one day dedicated to productions from a country in the region.

The full program can be checked here.

Photo source: ONG Pamanteni Facebook page