The exhibition Constantin Brâncuși: the man and his objects celebrates 140 years since the birth of the Romanian sculpture by bringing on display objects that belonged to or were created by the Romanian sculptor, all of them in the collection of the Emilian Radu family. The exhibition is curated by Doina Lemny and Erwin Kessler.

Some of the items the visitors will get to see are: a series of previously unpublished photographs of the sculptor; a handwritten body of correspondence with his friend Florence Meyer; authentic pieces of wardrobe belonging to Constantin Brâncuși (trousers, vests, coats, raincoat, suitcases), and housekeeping objects (knit pins, censer); a sketch by Brâncuși, Pupăza cu moț / The Tufted Hoopoe, created in Paris, in 1929, as an illustration to the volume Plants and animals. Terraces by the poet Ilarie Voronca; a portrait of Brâncuși by Marcel Janco, probably produced by the latter in 1925, when he interviewed the artist for the Contimporanul review; a letter signed by Tristan Tzara in which the author expresses his enthusiastic appreciation for Brâncuși.

The exhibition can be visited until September 11th at Arcub Gabroveni, Monday to Sunday, from 14:00 to 22:00. Entrance is free.

Photo: Wikipedia