Bucharest Gourmet Festival, scheduled to take place between June 3rd and June 5th, is an open-air celebration of food culture, from street food to fine dining, from traditional products to the international cuisine, from artisanal beers to fine wines. It will take place in the Drive In area of the Baneasa Shopping City.

The event aims to offer participants a complete culinary experience, featuring both traditional Romanian and international food, bio or raw vegan products, a salad bar, live cooking moments, cooking contests, wine tasting, and special areas dedicated to barbecue, sweets and drinks, all accompanied by lounge music, live jazz, electro swing or blues concerts.

The festival will have fine main areas: Street Food, Fine Dining & Urban Contemporary, International Cuisine, Romanian Gastronomy and Barbeque. There will also be dedicated sections such as Ice Cream & Sweets Corner, World of Beers, Deli Market, Wine & Sparkling, Coffee & Tea, Cocktail Lounge.

Tickets, priced RON 30, can be purchased here.

Photo source: Bucharest Gourmet Festival Facebook page