The first edition of the Kazakh Film Festival will take place in Bucharest between November 27th and November 30th. The event marks 550 years of Kazakh Khanate and the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Update: The event will take place at the National Library. Cinema Studio, where the event was initially scheduled, is suspending its activity after a law entered into force banning shops, restaurants and other commercial spaces in high seismic risk buildings

Nine films will be shown at the festival, depicting the country’s history and culture and various themes such as family, love, loneliness, heroism, solidarity and the fight for freedom

The following films have free access: The Way of the Leader (4 parts), Nomad, The Promised Land, Warriors of the Steppe: Myn Bala, Kyz Zhibek, and Birzhan Sal.

The program of the screenings can be checked here.

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