Photo exhibition Swedish Dads, a take on the gender-aware modern men, will open May 12th in Bucharest, at Arcub Gabroveni. The exhibition will stay open until May 29th. It can be visited daily between 2 pm- 8 pm, with the exception of the special schedule on May 12th and for the Night of the Museums event on May 21st.

The exhibition is the project of Swedish photographer Johan Bävman who was confronted with a lack of role models that men could relate to as parents when he became a father. This led him to put together a photo book, Swedish Dads, which portrays men on parental leave with their children. The book in turn led to the Swedish Dads photo exhibition, based on portraits of some of the few fathers who have chosen to stay at home with their children for at least six months. The exhibition looks at what determined these particular fathers to remain at home with their children for longer periods than most fathers in the world.

“By showing the everyday lives of fathers on parental leave, through pictures and interviews, I’ve focused on men who’ve chosen to put bonding with their children and families before their jobs and careers,” says Johan Bävman. “I’ve also sought to show the universally valid, loving aspect of parenthood, regardless of whether you’re a mother or father. With the aid of this project, I hope to inspire more men to begin reflecting on their roles as fathers and partners, which is an important step towards a more gender-balanced society. It’s good to see these stories going out into the world, where the Swedish perspective on gender equality is by no means self-evident.”

Johan Bävman is the winner of several photography prizes, including a World Press Photo prize, POY, a Sony Award, NPPA, and a UNICEF Photo Award.

Entrance to the exhibition is free.

Photo source: Swedish Dads Facebook event page