The Fox and the Crow, a play inspired by LaFontaine’s famous fable and adapted for children, will be performed April 20th, starting 11:00, at Coquette Theater.

The play stages the story of the Lady Fox as it tries to trick the Crow once more and steal his cheese. But this time, all that Mr. Crow wants is to win the talent contest in the forest and become king of the arts. With a little help from the hedgehog, the crow will succeed and convince the fox to be truthful.

Besides many amusing moments, the music and dances make a real theatre treat out of this performance, while trying to bring attention to the real meaning of the story: in the end, friendship and understanding triumph.

The play is recommended for kids aged between 3 and 11.

Tickets, priced RON 30, are available at

Photo source: Coquette Theater Facebook page