Between 13 and 26 March 2014, Matei Colteanu and Alexandra Crisbasan will present in the gallery Saint Ink ( Holy Ink ) the ‘Demons In and Out ‘ graphics exhibition.

The opening will take place Thursday, March 13, 2014, 19:00 at Saint Ink Gallery (Saint Tus).

Demons In and Out wants to expose the dark side of people , “releasing demons” that they try to flee . ” We want to show the weaknesses must be understood , the essential balance that we all need . ” (Matthew & Alexandra )

The authors, Matthew Colteanu and Alexandra Crisbasan are tenth grade students in the School of Fine Arts Nicholas Tonitza, but their influences or artistic accomplishments are not related to the experience gained from training school .

For Matthew Colteanu , Demons In and Out is the third major project after Black’nd Vision ( Horace workshop gallery ) and Monstropia (Museum of Geology ) . He participated in several competitions and exhibitions of painting and drawing , the last one in Hong Kong .

Photos of Alexandra Crisbasan have appeared so far in Vice and (with Leila Al Ali, constantly collaborating with both the model – depiction captured and Wanderer Magazine winter edition and as a photographer), and with her father, photographer Cristian Crisbasan, making the cover of “Mare Tranquillitatis” by Katija Millay, published by Epica.