Children aged 5 to 12 years can venture into the fascinating world of outer space at Kids on the Moon, event hosted by Promenada mall during March 6 to 30, 2015. At the interactive exhibition, children can learn the basics of astronomy in a 45-minute interactive course and discover the secrets of the traveling in outer space as astronauts equipped for a mission in space. During interactive lessons, children will be supervised by mentors who will reveal the mysteries of the universe and, at the end of the journey, will receive a Certificate of Astronaut.

The exhibition includes three sections – the cultural area, the Earth area and the lunar area. In the first section, children will find out who were the first people who walked on the moon and details about the modules that have explored the space orbit. In the Earth area, children will discover unpublished images of the space with the aid of special glasses. The third area is where they will land wearing an astronaut helmet.

In addition to the interactive module, the exhibition gives children the opportunity to learn about the solar system and discover how a space telescope works. The images in the Kids on the Moon exhibition are official photos borrowed from ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA. What’s more, the photos of Rick Hleb, Buzz Aldrin, Bruce McCandless, Story Musgrave, Jake Garn and Alexander Poleschuk carry the signature of the famous astronauts.

An exhibition ticket is RON 10 and can be purchased at the Info Point at the ground floor of Promenada mall. For organized groups of minimum 15 children, the entrance fee will have a 10% discount.