Radio Hall in Bucharest, will host between March 10 and March 15 the International Festival of Percussion.

Percussionist artists known and appreciated on international stages, will arrive in Bucharest to give life to this unique event in Romania.

Audiences can enjoy the variety of sounds from familiar and exotic  musical instruments including the eardrum, drum, tambourine, vibraphone, marimba and, xylophone. The artists will perform works that highlight this means of expression, forming some of the oldest family of instruments used on Earth.


10 of March, 19:00 – Chin Cheng Lin & Percussion Studio Group Recital

11 of March, 19:00 – Phoenix (Japan) & Bing Bang (Croatia)

12 of March, 19:00 – Emmanuel Sejourne, Amaruy du Closel & OCR (Radio Chamber Orchestra)

13 of March, 19:00 – Emmanuel Sejourne & Phoenix (Japan) Recital

14 of March, 19:00 – Gerd Schaller & National Radio Orchestra

15 of March, 19:00 – Gala concert

The ticket for each concert varies between RON 10 and RON 30, depending on the category and venue.