Romanian band Moonlight Breakfast will hold an acoustic performance in a concert that is set to take place on May 10, starting 20:30 at Madame Pogany Bar in Bucharest.

Moonlight Breakfast band is composed of Bazooka (drums and clarinet), Printzu (bass and guitar), Aditza (guitar, keys and sampler) and Christie (voice). The electro sound approach is dressed in shades of soul and “retroelectro” funk as they define themselves.

Since January they have been working with an agency in Vienna, where they currently stay. This year the band received bids from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore and other countries.

Moonlight Breakfast will reinterpret tracks from the album “Shout” and other new songs in acoustic version: acoustic guitar, contrabass, Club Jordan cocktail drum kit, piano, clarinet and megaphone.

Tickets can be bought from and cost RON 90.