November 14, 2013

418 Contemporary Art Gallery is hosting the opening of the exhibition MULTIVERSE, showing the artists Romul Nuțiu and Cristian Sida. The event will take place on Tuesday, November 19th 2013, 19:00 at 418 Contemporary Art Gallery, in Bucharest.

The title of the exhibition, Multiverse refers to the possibility of simultaneous existence of an infinite number of parallel universes, including our own. The exhibition is built on the idea of an information exchange between two distinctive personalities, seen as two complex, parallel universes. Although the relationship between Romul Nuțiu and Cristian Sida started in the school studio, as professor and student, respectively, later on the progresses and talent of Sida guided him directly to the Timișoara art scene and his role of a student became that of a colleague.

Romul Nuțiu (1932-2012) and Cristian Sida (b. 1974) are separated by forty-two years of life and experience, but their closure is given by artistic affinities and their similar preoccupation for informal art, for the sense of matter, gesturalism and the inclusion of the relativity of shape in aleatory spaces.