Known in Europe as a delicacy of the French cuisine, frog legs are also widely popular in Romania. A dedicated bistro will open its doors near the Parliament Palace (Casa Poporului) on February 27. What makes the new place worth trying is that the frogs come from owner Paul Nicolau’s farm. Nicolau also owns Taverna Racilor (crayfish tavern in Romanian) near Victoriei Square, on Buzeşti Boulevard, where he applies the same principle, cooking crayfish from a farm of his own in Giurgiu county.

“Although I had this idea in mind for a year, I took time to create the right environment to grow frogs, but especially to understand that simplicity is synonymous with grandeur. So I wanted to open a place where people enjoy the small pleasures of life along with delicious frog legs grown in our own farm. ”

Located at 20 Libertății Boulevard, Le Oac Oac bistro will serve mainly frog legs, crayfish and sea food starting this Friday, at 18:00.