Brian Tracy, one of the most popular professional and personal development consultants in the world, returns to Bucharest on March 27th with a new seminar. ”Maximum Achievement” is a conference dedicated to those interesting in succeeding in career and personal life, applying the principles that Brian Tracy learned in decades of advice to some of the most famous businessmen in the United States, including CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

The participants of the seminar in Bucharest will learn the most important three steps that influence our life and how we can use them in our advantage; which is the real reason why some people and companies are more successful than others and how we can apply this in our activity; but also how the most successful people in the world think, derived from more than 35.000 of interviews made by Brian Tracy over decades of activity.

The ”Maximum Achievement” seminar has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. Presented for the 1st time in Romania, the event represents an opportunity to meet the author of the best-selling personal development program, ”The Psychology of Achievement”, translated into over 20 languages.

Brian Tracy’s experience includes both business principles (company’s values, mission and vision, financial independence, competitive advantages) and personal principles (concentration technique, the method to unlock the innate skills, such as creativity and innovation). Born into a poor family, without successful role models or leaders to inspire him, Tracy overcame all the obstacles, and developed a successful business in U.S. private sector. After that, he founded an empire as a life coach and business consultant.

According to Lorand Soares Szasz, business coach and event organizer:

“You don’t meet a man like Brian Tracy every day; in U.S., business people who contact him pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the benefit of his expertise.

“We wanted to bring him in Romania in an affordable event, where a larger number of people are able to enjoy. Brian Tracy can teach you step by step what to do to be successful in life and in business. It’s a huge bet, but this is just Brain’s talent: he knows how to help you see things in a new light, how to help you to achieve big goals based on a simple principles, with fast effects.”,

Brian Tracy has transmitted his teachings on personal and professional development to more than 1000 companies and thousands of managers, working at some of the largest companies in U.S. With great passion and enthusiasm, he gives seminars on leadership, sales, confidence, goals, strategies, creativity and success psychology.

In the system developed by Brian Tracy, success starts with an “economic denominator” present in four critical areas of life and is based on continuous orientation towards the future and developing a seven-step method that guarantees that next year you can get more than in previous years.

“True leaders are not born, but are formed by continuous investment in themselves. It starts from very clear statements such as integrity, wisdom and tenacity, applied in business contexts. You must know what you want and have a clear path to success: and what I want for 2014 is to meet the participants in Romania and to help them achieve their personal and business goals faster than they imagine it is possible.” Brian Tracy’s message, transmitted through its seminar organizers.

The “Maximum Achievement” conference by Brian Tracy will be held at Willbrook Platinum Business and Convention Center, on March 27th 2014, throughout the day. Brian Tracy will hold the seminar also in Cluj, on March 25th.

”Maximum Achievement” is a Transilvania Business Seminars event, organized by Lorand Soares Szasz and EventsDesign, the team that brought Mr. Body Language, Allan Pease to Romania last year in an event that gathered more than 800 participants. At that time, Brian Tracy was the most requested speaker from the poll among participants.

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