It’s official, talent shortages in Romania. So how are you going to Source, Keep and Grow your talent?

“The percentage of Romanian employers who experience difficulties with talent shortage is 21 percentage points higher than in the previous year” (source: With the increase in globalization, organizational complexity and the need to balance short vs. long term success, it is becoming critical to take a more strategic approach to Talenting Your Company.

Talenting your Company is an exclusive conference taking place on June 10th 2015 in Cismigiu Hotel in Bucharest. Transearch, SolutionSufers, Cut-e, CityCompass, and Artec have teamed up to cover key aspects that will help you maximize your organization’s potential to successfully shape the future of your company.

Why Attend

You will hear International expertise applied for the Romanian market presented in a clear, practical and insightful way in the company of senior executives responsible for leading organizational strategy from diverse industries.

Topics covered:
• Where to recruit people with potential
• How to attract and keep the talent you need
• Trends in leadership and business culture
• How to maximize the role and the impact of teams
• How to deal with the challenges of global mobility
• How to support and empower expats within your organization.

Register until the 1st of June.