The Final of the 4th edition of Salonul Calului, the largest and most important Equestrian Tour in the country, is about to be held between the 24th – 26th of September. Organized by Equestria Riding Club, the Final of Salonul Calului offers to the public four days of competitions and also a spectacular night show, “Horses Night”.

„Equestria ends the competition calendar for this year with the Final of the most important Equestrian Tour, Salonul Calului. We are waiting for riding lovers with interesting samples of jumping over obstacles, attended by horses and riders across the country and also, with a riding show – „Horses Night“. Inspired by the famous „Salon du cheval“ from Paris, we organize this event every year because we want to offer to the audience a show of international renown, but with Romanian accents“, said Ozana Moraru, owner at Equestria and president of Equestria Club.

The Final of Salonul Calului has a complex program that includes 15 jumping tests for all categories of horses and riders: professional horse riders, amateurs, junior athletes and children. Among the most interesting and spectacular tests of competition we found: „Ride & Bike“, C level test, „American course“, D level test and the most difficult test, B level, Jockey Club Trophy. The Final of Equestrian Tour Salonul Calului ends with the Final of the National Force Championship, a very difficult test, with obstacles that may exceed 2 m.

A special moment of the Final of Salonul Calului is reprezented by the “Horses Night”, that aims to combine mastery and performance in an spectacular equestrian show. „Horses Night“  will take place Saturday, 26th of September, starting 20:00 in the covered round-about of the club. The show includes parades, horse stunts, dressage to music and pony demonstrations, but the most intersting is „Costumes sample“ – a unique jumping test, relay race, in pairs, with music and costumes inspired by famous characters from movies or history.

The total prizes value for the Equestrian Tour Salonul Calului competition is of 150.000 lei.

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