Que Viva Picasso, an exhibition featuring 120 lithographs of the artist, will open at the Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni on December 11th. The exhibition, curated by German private collector Thomas Emmerling, can be seen until March 6th 2016. It showcases works done by the artist with under the technical influence of Fernand Mourlot, illustrations on texts by the French Romanian artist Tristan Tzara and Jean Cocteau.

As part of the event, a series of wooden replica sculptures after the works of Picasso, will also be installed in the town of Busteni.

The previous Salvador Dali exhibition received more than 27 000 Romanian and foreign visitors this year. Other future exhibitions programmed for 2016 will cover Marc Chagall and Vincent Van Gogh.

Photo source: Cantacuzino Castle Facebook page