One week before Valentine’s Day, Connect Hub hosts Versus, battle of the sexes – an entire night of games, open talks, dance and music. On February 7, starting at 20:00, participants will split into two rival groups – girls and boys – to enjoy acting in a psychodrama, dressed up as Romeo and Juliet, painting words on water, learning cursing rituals, taking pictures and battling in a Boys versus Girls group choreography.

Organizers also plan a debate on the Seductive powers of good manners, as well as discussions on spiritual journeys, morals and even event planning for both marriage and divorce. The event also includes an improvisation duel Iele versus Backstage Boys, followed by an African drums performance.

Registrations for the event are made by email, at [email protected] There are no entrance fees or costs, but organizers encourage making a RON 20 donation. Participants can bring their own drinks & snacks.

Versus is part of the series of “nocturnals” – a one-night preview of the Incubator107’s calendar of events planned for that month. For more details on the February 7 night, check out the event page.