Skirtbike, the yearly bicycle ride for women, where the skirt or the dress is the proper outfit, will take place this year on May 15th at the National Children’s Palace in Bucharest, starting 10:00 am. The event, which is at its seventh edition, will have the format of a festival.

Skirtbike started as a means to promote bike riding in the city but also, the organizers say, because women are more vulnerable when it comes to facing the Bucharest traffic. Hence it was a means to support them and grow the community of women bike riders.

This year’s run of Skirtbike will see an evening picnic featuring jazz music, a Cycle Chic fashion show, the Bike’n’Roll SkirtBike parade, a live concert, a bike&fashion bazar and a women Bike Expo, as well as contests, biking lessons, a photography contest and gold sprints supporting social causes.

Further details about what’s going on at Skirbike are being updated on the event’s Facebook page.

Photo source: Skirtbike Facebook page