418 Contemporary Art Gallery in Bucharest is hosting the exhibition Structure & Energy. The Need for Abstraction, with works of the artists Vincentiu Grigoriu, Romul Nutiu and Diet Sayler.

With all their different destinies and in spite of their distinct formal options, what brings closer the three artists is their clear preference for abstraction: A severely geometrical and rational one in the “concrete art” of Diet Sayler, an expressive / expansive abstraction in Romul Nuțiu’s works. Between these two extreme artistic biographies, Vincenţiu Grigorescu appears to have found the appropriate middle way leading from mimesis to poesis.

Both as an idea and artistic practice, abstraction managed to find its proper language in the Romanian art. Vincenţiu Grigorescu, Romul Nuţiu and Diet Sayler have determinedly opted for abstractionism. The political context forced them to cut the identification with a comfortable composition of lines, forms and colors. Aggressively visual, the three artists had great revolutionary and utopian ambitions.

The exhibition will be opened between June 13 and September 16, 2013, from Monday to Friday, between 11:00 – 19:00. Free entrance.