Each winter, the Snagov Foundation organizes a few guided tours on Snagov Lake and the protected natural area surrounding it. To take advantage of the low degrees in the past days, the Foundation organized the next guided tour for this Saturday, January 10, at 11:00. Organizers came up with a well-set program of sightseeing, outdoor walking and taking photographs.

The walk is a great chance to make, maybe for the first time, an ice hole with an ax, to pick some unusual plants to plant in flower pots at home, birdwatch, watch ice fishing, listen to stories about the protected area from the Foundation’s professionals.

Participants will meet at 11:00, at the Snagov Foundation headquarters. For ten minutes, at a hot tea or mulled wine, they will be presented with the trail map. Afterwards, the event starts with a walk on the frozen lake (350 m away from the meeting point). For security reasons, those who don’t know how to swim will not be left alone. At 11:30, the walk continues through the forest with secular oak trees, near the lake shore, where bird nests, ivy, reed, rush, mushrooms, various plants and insects (from the vegetal layer), traces of fauna will be observed. Participants can even gather acorns and some plants to plant in pots at home. The event will end around 14:00, with a debriefing and a hot tea.

Organizers estimate that the ice on the lake will be about 8 – 12 cm thick (4 cm thick is usually good on cold weather). Adequate equipment: clothes appropriate for low degrees, thick socks and winter boots, sun glasses, water and something sweet (fruits, chocolate) and a snack are recommended.

There is a symbolic fee of RON 5 per person, plus any other announced, direct expenditures. If participants wish to contribute otherwise to the foundation, they can choose from a list available here.

If the group is larger than 10 persons, there may be additional costs for supplementary group assistance. Those who wish to take part must send an SMS at +40 722 601 830 or an email at [email protected] including their phone number. Check out more details on the dedicated page.

How to get there by car:

From DN1 (near the 28th km) turn right on DJ101 towards Snagov Village, just a bit before the lake crossing (near Tâncăbești). Then drive for about 9 km (Vlădiceasca, Ciofliceni, Ghermănești, Snagov villages).