The Peasant Museum downtown Bucharest will hold its traditional Mărțișor Fair during February 26 – March 1, 2015. The four-day event brings together artists, craftsmen and young people that keep alive the tradition of Mărțișor, with hundreds of models of traditional trinkets to be given as a gift to girls on March 1, from models inspired by archaic symbols or Romanian mythology, to urban and contemporary design creations.

Just like every year, small local producers will join with natural products like kürtős kalács (popular pastry specific to Hungarian-speaking regions) from Mureș county (Transylvania), gingerbread from Harghita and Argeș counties (Transylvania), homemade cakes and other pastry products, honey and jams, traditional tisane from Muntenia (Wallachia) and natural apple juice from Mălâncrav.

As in previous years, among the participants at this year’s fair include schools, foundations, associations, organizations carrying out humanitarian campaigns and support for disadvantaged groups.

From Thursday, February 26, to Sunday, March 1, the fair will be open daily from 10:00 to 18:00. Entry fee is RON 4 for adults and RON 2 for pupils, students and seniors.

The fair takes place in the courtyard of the museum (Monetăriei Street entrance).