Tribute Fest Day
June 27, 2013

This Friday, on June 28, Otopeni city, will host for the first time a tribute event, where the music of Muse, Coldplay and U2 will be reinterpreted by internationally recognized bands.

Tribute Fest Day is a highly praised concept that is publicized worldwide and is dedicated to fans of quality music. The idea came a few years ago from a group of passionate musicians who wanted to offer a tribute to the “heavyweight” international music industry, and to bring their music closer to the fans that would like to listen live in a large-scale live concert.

They came up with the name “tribute bands”, and then this concept has turned into a true musical movement in Europe and Australia, where there are annual festivals and competitions with the topic. The number of participants increases from year to year, sometimes tribute bands concerts being as anticipated as that of original bands.

Muse by “Muse Italian Connection”, Coldplay by “Daylight” si U2 by “Zen Garden” will step one by one on the stage located in Primariei Square in Otopeni city. The concet will begin at 20:00 and the entrance is free.