Acuarela will open its third location in Bucharest on 3 Gina Patrichi Street. The official opening on February 12, at 20:00, includes yoghurt, Romanian flat breads and burgers tasting and ends with a Charlie Boy & Paolo Profeti DJ set. Acuarela Bufet is announced by the owners as a brasserie and a yoghurt bar with international food reinterpreted in Romanian style.

Centered on healthy food, the menu is meant to be a guide to an alert but healthy lifestyle, from yoghurt delights, pancakes, to all day breakfast and soup bar. The buffet will open early for breakfast, at 08:00, and will close after 24:00. On weekends, Acuarela Bufet will replace the working days menu with hotel breakfasts and themed brunches, from Danish pancakes to Russian specialties.

Interior design is signed by Hello Menthol, brand engagement agency part of the small group encompassing Plastilina, Acuarela (Polonă Street) and the Imbold Gallery. “We came up with the arrangement of the third space starting from obsolete objects, nostalgic and close to our childhood, for many of us. It’s another family project, with personal items brought it but, compared to what we did in Acuarela in Polonă Street, the great difference is that the new space has a more airy atmosphere.” said Alexu Toader, one of the owners at Acuarela Bufet. Grandma’s cabinet, old PepsiCola and milk glass bottles, a stove from the ’60s, a series of vintage lamps and a motorbike from the Communist era, all are now part of the Bufet’s design.

While the first two floors of the building host Acuarela Bufet, the attic was set up for a creative mini cluster consisting of a branding agency, a law firm, a studio of iOS applications and a communication agency. It is a versatile space for relaxation and work with an informal design, both friendly and creative (a brainstorming room).