At her first exhibition in Romania, Angie Arndt shows 12 photo-painting-collages from the series “Colourful Bucharest”. Black and white photographs are combined with colourful abstract paintings generated as digital collages. The most well-known sights of Bucharest, such as the Arch of Triumph or the Revolution Square, can be seen through the added abstract forms and lets the observer imagine them in a different way. Sometimes powerful sometimes soft, clear or blurred, the painting gets involved in our reality.

In order to support a social project Angie Arndt commercialized her Art and created the “Colourful Bucharest”- series of postcard calendar for 2014 . Ten percent of the profit goes to a project of NGO Chance for Life, which helps to integrate a group of HIV-infected orphans. Find more information here. Through these postcards people all over the world will get their greetings along with a visual impression about Bucharest and an idea of social movement.

Coming from Berlin, Angie Arndt has been living in Bucharest since 2011. Her range of art contains abstract painting, photography and design. The art on display at Imbold is her first experiment bringing painting and photography together.

Where: Imbold Galeria, Strada Polona 40

When: 6 November, 20.00

Free Entrance

Find more information about Colourful Bucharest here.