iMapp Bucharest, the video-mapping event, will take place in Bucharest on September 19th in Constitutiei square. The event involves projecting various light show on the façade of the Parliament Palace. At last year’s edition, the building was deconstructed and reconstructed again from pure light by five teams of visual artists (four international and one local) selected following an international open call. 104 projectors were used for a 23,000 m2 projection surface, the façade of the palace being 270 meters wide. Each show had a symbolic length of 5 minutes and 55 seconds.

The shortlist of the 2015 Video Mapping Open Call for the second edition of iMapp Bucharest includes: AVA (Mexico), Dirty Monitor (Belgium), Urbanscreen (Germany),RadugaDesign (Russia), Light Event Consulting (France) and MotionScape (Romania).

Also part of the event is the stillMapp Bucharest 2015 hoto contest, in order to select a number of photographs to be projected on the façade of the Parliament Palace during iMapp Bucharest 2015. A EUR 1,000 prize will be awarded for the best submission from the public.

Photo source: iMapp Facebook Page