Experiments House aims to make science fun for all

A plasma globe, lightning recreated in a lab and a tesla coil are some of the attractions of the newly opened Experiments House in Bucharest. The venue is the first non-profit scientific center in the country and offers students the opportunity to learn in an informal environment. It has a permanent display of scientific exhibits which were created to allow learning while visitors play and interact with them.

The center aims to put to good use kid’s love for play rather than of reading and targets children in kinder gardens, schools, high schools as well as their teachers and educators, and families in Bucharest and Ilfov county with a ‘science for all’ motto. It was developed in partnership with Swiss Technorama Science Center and benefits from the know-how transfer from the Swiss Romanian Scientists Network.

At some of the workshops visitors can attend while on site, they can find out what happens when a candle burns and afterwards, what is the ‘nothing’ that surrounds us all, and what can and cannot be done with a microwave oven.

Science enthusiasts can also organize birthday or other type of parties here, with various shows in the program as the center has a dedicated Party Room.

The official opening is set for January 25th and entrance is free for the first six months.  The venue is located on Calea Vitan Barzesti.

Photo source: Casa Experimentelor Facebook page