Festivals all over the year

Sibiu has become almost synonymous with culture and the city strives to preserve and strengthen its status as a cultural center by supporting a broad range of festivals, concerts and exhibitions. During the summer, the streets and squares act as open-air stages drawing thousands of spectators.

An extraordinary highlight is the annual Sibiu International Theater Festival, which is held every spring, starting at the end of May. The festival comes with a multitude of events. It stages major international  productions,  the finest productions in Romanian theater, as well as street and music  performances  from  around  the  world,  all  taking place daily in Sibiu’s historical center, in its squares and buildings, and inside the churches and medieval fortresses of Sibiu’s scenic surroundings. The festival also features dance–theater performances, puppet theater and light shows.  There  are  a  couple  of  other  festivals  such  as  the Jazz Festival in May, the Romanian-American  Music Days in June, or the Rockfestival Artmania and the Medieval Festival  both  held  in August.  The  annual  pottery  market has a long tradition and is held on the first weekend in September. A couple of years ago, Sibiu began organizing a Christmas market in December, which is modeled on those held in Western Europe. The market has proved a hit and is getting bigger every year. If staying in Sibiu at this time of the year, then we recommend drinking a hot mug of mulled wine in the snow-covered Great Square.

Get the latest information about upcoming events in the official tourist office at Piata Mare.