Getting out of Bucharest

Most Romanians love to get out of Bucharest on weekends, either to the seaside or the mountains, depending on season. The most popular Bucharest exits are – the Sun highway in the east for going to the seaside, the Bucharest – Ploiești highway, to the north, and the DN1, also to the north, via Otopeni, passing by the airport, which goes to Ploiești and the mountain resorts in the Prahovei Valley. Another exit to the West on the A1 highway Bucharest – Pitești is the main road to the West Romania, and an alternative choice for those going to Transylvania.

The Romanian railway company CFR – for Căile Ferate Române – provides a reliable and often scenic means of transport to destinations outside Bucharest. Information in English:, or

You can buy tickets in advance for all trains at the Bucharest’s main railway station (Gara de Nord). Visitors departing within 24 hours, however, must buy their tickets at the relevant train station, where queues can be long.