Global Mobility being effective across cultures

By Ximena Reyes

International Assignees, multinational managers, people working with remote teams are being put to the test on a daily basis. Their cultural adaptability, their ability to understand, are key factors for the smooth running of international business.

Understanding how our behavior and actions are perceived by those we interact with, it requires to identify strengths and perspectives as well as being able to manage complexity.

A multi-national work is no longer just about the task itself or a matter of expertize but about the resilience to adjust and to actively look for opportunities to understand current events, mindset and priorities, in the host country.

It also requires the adequate support of the Human resources department that provides the expatriates with counseling or training opportunities and information.

At City Compass intercultural consulting we make a priority to facilitate the adaptation of expatriates and provide with training and information that enables their effectiveness.

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