Global Mobility, Romania

By Ximena Reyes

Diversity and complexity, more and more the business scenarios are expanding internationally, combining more operations, outsourcing teams and bringing together people from different parts of the world.

This new level of operations requires the development a level of cultural understanding within and among groups and individuals so that they can contribute with their unique insights and integrate them.

Expats in Romania bring international experience but at the same time they are immersed in a “new and different” way, the local way. Global leadership requires striving for learning and an understanding of the added value of the locals amid the umbrella of globalization.

Successful global leadership does not transplant models but requires a sharp eye to change perspectives and see beyond the day-to-day obstacles. It is a two way flow that is growing constantly.

Intercultural awareness trainings help to visualize and understand the keys to movinge from the initial cultural/ work shock towards effective management and strong global leadership. It bridges communications between diverse groups and enables them to read between the lines and to easily understand sources of miscommunication.

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