Good bye Romania – What are you taking with you?

Spring is here and for many the time has come to prepare to leave.

A new chapter will come after the summer break but, until then, there’s still precious days to enjoy Romania.

In an informal survey we asked foreigners who have lived in Romania what they will be taking with them when they leave the country.

Here the top 7 answers:

1. It took me a while to understand that not everything has to be in a certain way, the Romanian “Merge si asa” which can be translated as ” it works this way too”, has been a liberating thing for me, and I think this was a precious thing to learn from my time in Romania.

2. My wife was in shock for the first 6 months, regarding the parking, it just seem chaotic and random, however I have adopted this and now I park wherever there is space. It is faster and comfortable, though I have to admit I won’t be able to do it back home.

3. I had a thrill driving in Bucharest, I know many complain, but seriously, there aren’t many other European capitals where you can park everywhere or pay 1,5 lei for an hour.

4. Pufulets! I found them at the playground as many kids bring them and their kind to share it with other kids in the ground. My kids like them and they are not pricey.

5. Fresh products and slow food, I like that Romanian restaurants offer a variety of soups and almost homemade dishes, I have now always a soup and the other important fact is that there is an open market open daily in every neighborhood,

6. A sense of family, I see many grandparents taking care of their grandchild. I also see many teenagers doing things with their parents.

7. Easter eggs, I have spent the last 3 years finding new designs and colors, it is really nice to see traditional crafts done in such a delicate form.

Most foreigners admit they will miss Romania and, agree that they learned to love the place and  the opportunities and adventures it presented. But many add it requires a proactive attitude and an ability to let yourself go and  planning everything to the smallest detail.

So what will you take with you?

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