How to best support expats at work

International companies having operations around the world are investing a great amount of resources into shaping their teams and getting the right talent.

So how to speed up the process of adaptation and facilitate things for the newcomers?

Information empowers, one of the main thing expats mention as a hindrance is “not knowing” this goes to practical things but also to more elaborate elements, and this is why I always recommend expats to stay up to date wherever they are.

Usually what happens is that not being able to speak the language keeps them isolated from current affairs and mainstream news.

So 3 quick steps into “knowing” faster:

1. Register at to receive a daily digest of Romania’s current events in English, every morning you will be able to screen quickly through the main topics and be able to understand better what the locals are discussing or wondering about.

2. Join your community association or an international group, by this you will be able to expand your contacts, and by doing it increase the options to receive insightful information from people in similar situations.

3. Do something out of your routine, and be flexible to get lost, find new things or understand something better. By planning or leaving one day to “go with the flow” you will be able to give yourself time and space to “control” the unknown

If you would like to know more about how to support expats at work, contact [email protected].