Finally, the westernmost  and probably the wildest branch of the Danube, the Chilia branch. It’s the perfect place for people with a passion for nature and fishing. Tourism here is less developed, probably why the area has kept its wild untouched  character.  The  journey  starts  again  from  Tulcea, either by public transportation or with private boats, which are impossible to miss during a stroll on the Tulcea waterfront;  visitors are overwhelmed  with questions such as: Do you wish to take a trip to the Delta? Do you need fast transportation to a village or town in the Delta?

I  recommend  public  transportation  to  anyone  coming to the Delta, despite the protests this might stir. If the sojourn  lasts  at least  4 days  and  you  are not pressed  for time, then public transportation  is the best option to feel the pulse of the Delta. Do not expect luxury conditions! But you should expect to find the Delta’s fascinating people, to discover their life stories, hardships, challenges and joys.

At the end of the journey down the Chilia branch, on the border between Romania and Ukraine, travelers can discover the Periprava Lippovan village. Far away from the noisy turmoil of the town, in the middle of nature, where the sky, earth and water meet, at the end of the world. These are the feelings stirred in the hearts’ of visitors. This area represents  a true cultural mosaic: Periprava – a Lippovan village, Sfiștofca and Letea – have Ukrainian populations,  while  C.A.  Rosetti  has a  mainly  Romanian population. In Periprava, on the site of a former forced labour camp of  the  Communist  regime,  is  another  1,000 sqm  tourism complex. The Ultima Frontiera is famous both for the quality of sport  fishing (pike  in particular),  as well as for the wildness  of the surrounding  landscape  – wild horses and pheasants wandering on dams in the morning. The complex offers well-developed  tourism infrastructure  (electric cars, kayaks, row boats, motor boats, sport fishing equipment…)

Ultima Frontieră
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This is the starting point for some of the most important itineraries from the Danube Delta to the Letea Forest, with its sand dunes and tropical  lianas,  to the Merheiul  Mare and Merheiul Mic lakes, to the temporary fishing shelters on the Suez canal, to the traditional villages or to the cormorant colonies.