A restaurant in the City Grill chain has recently become one of my main go-to places, so I’ve had the chance to try out different things, go there with different people, on various days and at different hours. I had been to their restaurants before, but now that our new office is just near the Hanu’ Berarilor Casa Elena Lupescu, which is a City Grill restaurant, I’m there more often than before.

So what have I found during my numerous visits? First off, that it is a „sure shot” kind of restaurant. Menus in the City Grill chain vary, depending on the type of restaurant, but in general they serve classical Romanian dishes, many of them with a twist. Except maybe Trattoria Buongiorno, which leans more towards the Italian cuisine (more on that further down).

So whenever I want to get a good ciorba, a large steak with something on the side, some mici, some barbecue, or my new favorite dessert, sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream, then I go to the Hanu’ Berarilor next door.

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source: romania-insider.com