The city of Cluj offers a wide selection of entertainment op- tions. Visit one of the many museums in town – particularly interesting is the Pharmacy Museum right across the street from St. Michael’s Church, located in the building that was home to town’s first pharmacy, dating from the medieval period. In the summertime, it’s always worth a visit to the outdoor Village Museum on Tăietura Turcului road, on top of the Cetățuia hill. In the evening, watch an opera at either the Romanian or Hungarian National Opera Houses, or a play at the two National Theaters.

Don’t forget the many alternative cultural venues in town. Have a nightcap at Casa Tauffer – a piano bar with live Jazz music or projections of old Pink Floyd concerts. For a more active night, go to “Myway” club for live music and a guaranteed great time. The possibilities are endless, try any of the scores of clubs, bars and cafes that fill ground floor building within a 3 block radius of Piața Unirii – just follow the music. And don’t be confused if there’s one type of music coming from the cellar and another from the first floor, many old buildings house several bars.

Anyone in Cluj at the beginning of the summer can enjoy TIFF – the Transilvania International Film Festival, Romania’s largest and one of Central Europe’s most pres- tigious film festivals. For 10 days, the city lives and breathes film. Head to Piața Unirii for outdoor movie screenings along with hundreds of other movie lovers. Or, for a truly unique experience, keep an eye on the schedule, as orga- nizers sometimes hold screenings in an old restored castle 30 km outside of town or inside the impressive Turda Salt Mines. During fall the city hosts ‘Comedy Cluj’, the small but fast growing baby brother of the TIFF festival, and the Transylvania Jazz Festival.