The  middle  branch,  Sulina,  is  the  most  easily  accessible to tourists. Daily trips leave for Sulina, either through the Navrom Delta Company or through private companies.

Nave Rapide
Phone: +40749 909 472/+40732  630 356

The Mila 23 fishermen’s village, situated on the Old Danube, is at the heart of an amalgam of canals, pools and swamps. It is one of the most important and best known jumping off points for tourist itineraries in the Delta. Crişan fishermen’s village completes the picture. This is also the starting  point  for tourist  itineraries,  towards  the Caraorman bank (renowned  for its sand dunes)  or towards  the Red and Puiu lakes.

Finally, at the end of the journey on this branch is the second largest town in the Danube Delta – Sulina. Sulina has a number of interesting features; it’s the easternmost town in Romania, the headquarters of the European Danube Commission, the location of a maritime graveyard unique in Ro- mania and even in Europe, and has a wild sandy beach. The town situated at the Danube’s mouth into the Black Sea has numerous accommodation options. One of the most popular with tourists is the Perla Pension.

The Perla Pension
Address: 155 First St.
Phone: +40 754 200 300
E-mail: [email protected]