Tribul (The Tribe) is a simple social project/social business based on bicycle couriers in the busy city of Bucharest. The Tribe has one big goal: to promote cycling while showing all it’s benefits.

The unique goal of The Tribe is to promote cycling in the city as a mean of transportation.

The Tribe delivers packages daily at a unique price, no matter the distance, weight or weather and 10% go directly to Cicloteque (, the first bicycle rental service in Bucharest. The couriers are teenagers who love bicycles, passionate about their work and about bikes, who promote bicycling in the everyday life and work as lobbyists at the City Hall.

The Tribe has existed now for about two years and has more than 30 companies as clients. Its purpose is to promote and show off the speed with which a bicycle can travel through the city. The Tribe is still unique in Bucharest, being the first and, till now, only 100% premium bicycle courier service promoted as a social business. It got featured in the press, magazines and TV shows as being “the new cool job teenagers should get” and the “new super-fast courier service”.

More info here (the website in Romanian language)