Tulcea, also called the city at the Danube’s gates, befuddles you, particularly in the summer months, with the bustle of tourists, the ships’ sirens, the turmoil which sets the scene for your water adventure! Nevertheless, do not be hasty; regardless of how drawn you are to the Danube, it is worth making a stop here, be it just for a couple of hours or a night’s stay at one of the many hotels on the waterfront.

In Tulcea you can visit a research institute comprising:

The Danube Delta Museum (do not miss the aquarium!)
Address: 32 Progresului Str.
Phone: +40 240 515 866; +40 240 515 866
E-mail: [email protected]

The Art Museum
Address: 2 Grigore Antipa St.
Phone: +40 240 513 249

The Ethnography and Folk Art Museum
Address: 2, 9 Mai St.
Phone: +40 240 516 204
(This is the author’s favourite museum in the city)

The History and Archaeology Museum
Address: Independence Monument Park
Phone: +40 240 513 626

The Independence Monument
Monument Hill, Monument Park

You can also find out more at the Tulcea Tourist Information Centre, located on the waterfront. Here you can find a map of  the Delta which will help you decide where to visit! Amongst the Delta’s  hundreds of square kilometres, which is the one to unravel the mysteries you have read about?
It all depends on how many days we have available for this journey, on your budget and what you like: adventure, relaxation, exploration, sports, family, cultural tourism. The Delta has a story for every type of adventurer.
If you can only spare a day or one and a half days, the recommended option would be to sleep at a hotel in Tulcea, and from there to go on a 4-5-hour trip on the waterways.
If you can spare more than one or two days, then I would suggest starting on the right-hand side, on the Saint George (Sfantul Gheorghe) branch, the oldest of all the Danube’s branches. If you so choose, you can go by car to the first tourist towns, Mahmudia and Murighiol, thus saving time and money. The trip by water, however, is a better option since we are, after all, in the Danube Delta! Authentic landscapes reveal themselves on the narrow and hidden waterways. So do not hesitate to ask for the locals’ help. Nearly every Bed & Breakfast also provides boat trips on the adjacent lakes and canals.

Still, as far as lodging is concerned, you may take into consideration the Cormoran Complex: recommended for tourists “in a hurry” who wish to capture a glimpse of the Delta’s soul.