Take a Tour of Sinaia organized by the Asociatia Redescopera Sinaia . Together with a team of researchers from the Muzeul Taranului Roman (MTR), we have a tour like no other. They will help you discover great places, architecture, monuments, and history you couldn’t get elsewhere. It is also full of short stories that are some of the best kept and untold secrets from elderly inhabitants, and arcane history. For more info, contact [email protected] citycompass.ro to see when they organize the next tour!

You should also take the time to visit Peles Castle inside. Peles is one of the best preserved castles in Europe and the mix of eclectic styles in the different rooms is a great joy for any visitor.

Another must-see is the park of Sinaia with its beautiful Casino, which holds a permanent paintings exhibition. The park is well maintained and is a great experience for adults and kids alike, as well as for couples looking for a romantic escape. You can also enjoy a good tea or coffee at Cafeneua Parcului, where they have a nice pictures collection of the old houses from Sinaia.

You will also be glad to have visited Casa George Enescu – located in the Cumpatu Quarter – which is on the opposite mountain to the city center – it is a beautiful, quiet and elegant residential area of Sinaia.
Enescu’s former residence, which the great composer designed himself, was recently renovated offers entry tickets and audio guides at a very small price.