Mastering the art of working and living globally

by Ximena Reyes

It is an exciting journey to live in a different place than your original home and see different ways of doing things, but although it may sound exiting for many, it may turn in to an extended negative state of mind for some.

So here are my 5 key ideas for you to include in your 2014 resolutions

1. Flexible, flexible , flexible

Even when you think you are flexible, let’s not forget you have left your known environment and, you may underestimate the level of flexibility required. You may perceive this as being compliant or not being strong, but remember that you are in a learning process, you are new to the scene, you need to be as malleable and easy going as possible in order to get enough balance and insights. In this way you will reduce friction and frustration.

2. Do not make conclusions, do not assume.

This one is one of the hardest, moving to a new place challenges everything you know, everything you consider, logic or common sense, suddenly IT IS NOT. But not because you are in a crazy place and living with lunatics. It is because they as a group have found a different way to approach a problem based on certain elements that you may not be aware of. So don’t jump into conclusions, wait and observe in order to understand better.

3. Give your self space to complain.

It is ok to be in the unhappy zone. It is normal to wake up and want to stay in bed. Your brain has been working a lot making sense of things and you have to gain your status and recognition again. So allow yourself to get some perspective and energy BUT do not stay long there.

4. Reduce the pressure.

Make sure you have an activity or a way to release the pressure and avoid  exploding when the pressure has piled up. You are put to the test to perform and function upon arrival, the avalanche of things happening is overwhelming, so give yourself a nice treat, you deserve it.

5. Learn more about making it the easy way. 

Join one of our workshops and speed up the process of understanding and reducing the cultural shock, understand better the place where you are and use it as a tool for your day to day activities.

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